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Serial Do Alone In The Dark 2008l |VERIFIED|

Even the recently released The Batman is showing audiences that dark and gritty movies can still have heart and a glimmer of hope. There have been more than a handful of theatrically released Batman movies, including two early serials. Seeing as the Batman franchise largely consists of reboots and stand-alone films, there really is no chronological order for these films, outside Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. For those looking to peek into the filmography of the World's Greatest Detective, here are all of his theatrical movies in order of release.

Serial Do Alone In The Dark 2008l

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Inspired by South Korea's first serial murder cases that took place in the 80s and 90s, thedark mystery thrillerskillfully balances satirical police procedural and nihilist social commentaries. As evident in its iconic ending, the film subtly insinuates that like any unsolved crime, the culprit can be lurking amongst the crowd. 350c69d7ab


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